A look back on our first full year

Well team, welcome to the new year. We hope you had wonderful holidays full of family, friends, and fermented grapes and pomegranates to welcome in 2016. We have so much to look forward to this year, but before we start planning for the days ahead, we want to give out a huge congratulations to everyone for making 2015 a phenomenal introductory year.

“What is luck for you?” Interactive performance for “In Motion”

Three weeks ago, an artist from Stuttgart decided to perform an unexpected artistic and social experiment on the Yerevan-Gyumri train. Barbara Karsh-Chaïeb had been doing an artist residency at AKOS for a little more than two weeks when she heard about HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s exhibition project on the train, and decided to get involved.

Time-travel on the HAYP train: IN MOTION 2015

If you’ve been exploring the Armenian countryside, you probably already found yourself riding the train from Yerevan to Gyumri. Provided you’re not in a hurry to reach your destination, the 3-hour ride in itself is a mind-blowing travel experience. Sitting on the soviet-era wooden benches and enjoying the bucolic view always makes us feel like we’re time traveling.