“What is luck for you?” Interactive performance for “In Motion”

This article was originally published on Civilnet.am on November 26.

German artist-in-residence 

Three weeks ago, an artist from Stuttgart decided to perform an unexpected artistic and social experiment on the Yerevan-Gyumri train. Barbara Karsh-Chaïeb had been doing an artist residency at AKOS for a little more than two weeks when she heard about HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s exhibition project on the train, and decided to get involved.

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Call to artists: In Motion 2015

GeneralIn Motion

HAYP pop-up gallery is seeking artists to be a part of a traveling installation on October 29, 2015. The site of installation will be the interior of a South Caucasus Railway passenger car. The train will depart from Yerevan Station at 8am and arrive in Gyumri at noon. We seek artists of both visual and performing arts. The artist(s) must assist with the installation and disassembling of the work(s). The length of the installation will be announced in the near future but could range from seven to ten days.train cart

We will allow visual artists to propose a variety of mediums for this project; performers may also explain their concepts. Both must keep in mind the physical and timely constraints of the train.

The theme

“In Motion” plays with the transitional state of our context: the train. A train is always between places, and the installation itself should reflect th12088548_10104357110372689_1930018338040515723_ne transient state of time and place. We encourage artists to propose installations that are interactive, and show the passage of time through people’s engagement with the art. Maybe they can leave something behind or take something with them…? We are open to your ideas!



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