Welcome to the HAYP Archive

A portfolio of ephemeral contemporary art exhibitions, performance, and workshops in Armenia from 2014-2020 by HAYP/INSITU. 

We began by exhibiting art in unexpected places throughout Armenia. We’ve shown in abandoned buildings, unused storefronts, an astrophysical observatory, and a moving Soviet train… the city was our gallery. For ten days at a time, HAYP invited artists to design, build and install site-specific projects around a common theme. The space came alive via an active program of performance, workshops, concerts and more to gather and exchange ideas. From 2018 – 2020, we launched our sister-project, INSITU, an art agency aimed at developing artist careers through solo exhibitions, workshops, and artist residencies. While our HAYP/INSITU activities have come to an end, our archive serves as a testimony of a vibrant meeting place for different minds, talents, and creative spirits. Our Blog remains active, focusing mostly on studio-visits and artist spotlights for a glimpse into Armenia’s creative scene.