Past Exhibitions

HAYP Pop Up Gallery started as an experimental project in December, 2014, and became an official N.G.O. as of December 2015. Since our start, we have curated and coordinated over ten exhibitions within Armenia (Yerevan, Gyumri, Byurakan, Orgov) as well as a site-specific project for the European Cultural Centre at the Venice Biennale 2017. Our mission is to support emerging artists through an engaging and alternative platform that creates meaningful connections amongst art, audiences and unexpected spaces.

Past Projects:

HAYP 12-12-12: A Retrospective, December 2018. Armenian Market at the Barekamutyun Metro Stop.

“Voices & Choices: the (anti)aesthetics of political posters from Switzerland and Armenia” July 2018, Republic Square 2 (former Ministry of Foreign Affairs building), Yerevan, (Armenia)

“Narek Barseghyan: The Leather Show” May 2018, in the framework of the Armenia Art Fair 2018, Mergerian Institute, H. Hakobyan 3, Yerevan (Armenia).

“CETI Lab: HAYP @ BAO” September 2017, Byurakan Astrophysics Observatory and the Herouni Radio-Optic Telescope, in Byurakan and Orgov (Armenia)

“Nor Dada” May – November 2017, HAYP Pop Up at the European Cultural Centre – Palazzo Mora, Venice (Italy)

“Downshift” April 2017, HAYP Pop Up on Northern Avenue, Yerevan (Armenia)

“New Illuminations” November 2016, HAYP Pop Up at a private home in Gyumri (Armenia)

“Love ICA” August 2016, HAYP Pop Up at the ICA, Yerevan (Armenia)

“Lips of Pride” April 2016, “Kond” neighborhood, Yerevan (Armenia)

“Enter through the smoke-shop” November 2015, HAYP Pop Up at Misty Fumes Vape Shop, Yerevan (Armenia)

“In-Motion” October 2015, HAYP Pop Up Gallery on the Yerevan-Gyumri train line.

“The Scale of Life” August 2015, HAYP Pop Up Gallery at Yerevan Residence’s unfinished penthouse, Yerevan (Armenia).

“ANKAP-ital” April 2015, HAYP Pop Up Gallery on Abovyan Street, Yerevan (Armenia).

“Frame of Mind: Context & Perspective” December 2014, HAYP Pop Up Gallery at the Elite Plaza Business Centre, Yerevan (Armenia)