HAYP 10.0: CETI lab

This fall, through an artists residency, a collective exhibition, and an event week at the Byurakan Observatory, HAYP Pop Up Gallery is bringing together creatives and astrophysicists to imagine communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Residency, August 6-13, 2017
Exhibition, September 16-27, 2017

Location: Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Armenia


Participating artists:

Karen Mirzoyan, Photographer
Sona Manukyan, Photographer & Architect
Manan Torosyan, Sculptor & Visual Artist
Samvel Saghatelian, Painter & Architect;
Arto Vaun, Writer
VHSound, Sound Artist

International contributing artists:

Luys Mejia, Audio Artist

Read on our blog:

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