December 12, 2018 HAYP Pop Up Gallery celebrates 4 years of pop up exhibitions, performance and more. From Yerevan, to Gyumri, (and “in motion” between the two), to Orgov, Byurakan, and Venice, HAYP has engaged a vast community of emerging and established artists. Versatile, adaptable, experimental, and nomadic, we honor four years of HAYP with one final project as the gallery closes one chapter and begins another.  Join us for a twelve-day exhibition and event program that honors our past projects through a HAYP Retrospective, and invites new collaborations through the newly commissioned work at Funduk Week, and a collective brainstorming session at our Theatre of Ideas so that we may co-design our future space with our community.


  1. HAYP RETROSPECTIVE: A selection of past projects, artworks, and performances exhibited at HAYP 12-12-12. The exhibition will also feature interviews and reflections by HAYP curators, and contributors.
  2. FUNDUK: New collaborations inspired by the framework of the caravanserai within an urban setting, or “Funduk”, a term of Arabic origin that dates back to the middle ages. FUNDUK WEEK will include a program of performance, happenings, workshops, and events.
  3. THEATRE OF IDEAS: An open studio and central meeting point for collective co-designing of our future plans. 


You can read more about our Curatorial Framework in the “12-12-12 CONCEPT”, but to summarize briefly, 12-12-12 takes inspiration from the medieval caravanserai, or refuge for travelers along the Silk Road. Our metaphoric caravanserai will be an urban refuge where ideas are at center stage and social encounters are our currency. Common themes will be those of: communication, encounters, rootlessness, collaboration, and the ephemeral. Read more here.

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Photo credits: Adrian Lo, Photo courtesy: Headlands Center for the Arts.  This is the project space at Headlands, one example of the many inspirations for our future space.

The more we travel, create, connect and engage with art and communities, the more we realize that we need a home-base. We have learned many lessons from our nomadic format, and we plan on preserving an element of ephemerality in our next life. However, in order for us to expand our activities in depth and breadth, we need a permanent structure (our “caravanserai”) to serve as a meeting point for creatives, fans of the arts, collectors, educators and more. We see this space as a resource for exhibition, experimental production, research, performance, and cross-cultural dialogue. As a Pop Up, our community and audiences have been at the heart of our activity. Our permanent space will allow us to put artists at the center of our activities. We know we need both! So as we design our future structure for artists and the communities they serve, we invite you to come think with us and share what you would love to see from a gallery. Join us at our Theatre of Ideas, coming this December at HAYP 12-12-12.