12 12 12: Concept



12 12 12 HAYP Retrospective
December 12 – 24, 2018
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HAYP Pop Up Gallery @ Ex-Armenian Marketplace
Hrachya Kochari Street, building 2a, 3rd Floor
(Baghramyan Exit from the Barekamutyan Metro Stop)

Opening Event: 
Wednesday, December 12 at 19:00

Hours of Operation:
Open daily from Dec 13-24
12:00 – 22:00

This December 12, 2018 HAYP Pop Up Gallery celebrates 4 years of pop up exhibitions, performance and more with one final project as the gallery closes one chapter and begins another.  Join us for a twelve-day exhibition and event program that honors our past projects through a HAYP Retrospective, and invites new collaborations through the newly commissioned work at Funduk Week and a collective brainstorming session at our Theatre of Ideas.


For the past four years HAYP Pop Up Gallery has invited artists and audiences on a journey of discovery as we explore the spaces of our everyday environment through a creative lens. HAYP has proposed a variety of conceptual themes as frameworks for engaging with our surroundings and by consequence their history, social landscape, community, and unique character. Though our locations have been diverse – from private homes, to street-side shops, to abandoned Soviet structures, to scientific centers- there are reoccurring themes that connect our projects.

From our very beginning in 2014, with “Frame of Mind: Context and Perspective”, HAYP has taken a playful and self-aware approach to the nuances of perception and its relationship to cultural and physical realities. Interconnected with perception is the concern for communication, and in particular, how the element of surprise and disruption can be a useful tool for disarming preexisting social barriers to exchange. Exploration, play, curiosity, and an openness to the unexpected have characterized HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s history of projects, which HAYP 12-12-12 honors through the conceptual framework of the Caravanserai.

Curatorial Framework: The Caravanserai

The Caravanserai (karəˈvansəri, from 16th c. Persian)

  1. An inn with a central courtyard for travellers in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa;
  2. A group of people travelling together; a caravan.

Funduk (/fun.duq/, from 500-1500 C.E. Arabic)

  1. Offered foreign merchants lodging and shelter within great merchant cities (particularly Hanse merchants).
  2. The urban equivalent to the caravanserai.


The caravanserai was a medieval structure for travelers along the Silk Road. It provided shelter and refuge, but was also a place for exchange. Stories were shared, goods were traded; the caravanserai was the temporary home for nomads. For “12-12-12: HAYP Retrospective”, we imagine a metaphoric caravanserai. An urban refuge, or Funduk, where ideas are at center stage and social encounters are our currency. We also draw parallels to the artist’s studio: a space of sheltering, reflection, production, and distribution. Like the caravanserai, the artist’s studio is where the private and public interact. Our space will be an “open studio”, for production, idea-making, performance and more. As we honor past HAYP Pop Up Gallery projects, our goal is not to reconstruct the past, but rather to provide a new experience that embodies past values: those of communication, site-specific production, playfulness, orchestrated encounters, rootlessness, collaboration, and free ideas.

Participating artists:

Visual, Plastic, Audio-Visual, Performative, and Immersive Experiences by…

Aram Atamian
Arash Azadi
Kamee Abrahamian
Gayane Barkhudaryan
Narek Barseghyan
Hayku Guys – Leah Clancy
Vahram Galstyan
Anush Ghukasyan
Loussine Ghukasyan
Vardan Harutyunyan
Aramazt Kalayjian
Sona Manukyan
Lvis Mejía
Mary Moon
Kaitlin Prest
MIHR Theater
Ani Qananyan
Radio EVN
Samvel Saghatelian
Hasmik Tangyan
Gorod Ustinov
Armenuhi Yeghanyan
Gayane Yerkanyan


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