HAYP 8.0 New Illuminations


A project by Susanna Baum and HAYP Pop Up Gallery

Project dates: November 5 – 28, 2016.
Location: Historic district of Gyumri, Armenia.

“New Illuminations” is a multi-component project that aims to empower women, their voices and their personal embodied experiences through book making practice and storytelling. The project is comprised of three main parts: interviews, workshop, and exhibition.

The four-day workshop (Nov 5-8) combines book making practice, writing, illustration, and story-sharing in order to revive the book arts, create community, and discover new tools for creative expression.

The exhibition, “HAYP 8.0: New Illuminations” refers to the golden ornament of traditional illuminated manuscripts, while also underlining that we are shedding light on the female experience. The exhibit will exhibit the works produced during the workshop within the historical contexts of: 1) ancient manuscript tradition, and 2) contemporary artist book practice.

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Learn more about the project in this five minute video:

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