“Frame of Mind” opening night: the photos!


On Friday, December 12, HAYP’s first exhibition “Frame of Mind: Context & Perspective” opened. Throughout the night, around 200 people showed up to enjoy the art pieces and fine wine, courtesy of Golden Grape ArmAs.

DSC_0303 DSC_0302
 Our wine corner
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian


Our photographer Kohar Minassian was able to snap a few pictures before the arrival of the guests at 6PM.

DSC_0297From left to right: works by Lilit Markosian, Sharis Garabedian, David Galstyan
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian

From left to right: works by Ararat Minasyan and Lilit Umedyan, Peno Mishoyan, Aramazt Kalayjian, and Karen Mirzoyan 
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian

Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian

DSC_0324On the left, our interactive art piece dedicated to our donors, courtesy of Cyber Development Studio, and to the right, “E215” Film short by Scott Willis. Projector sponsored to us by The ScREenery!
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian



DSC_0347 DSC_0352 DSC_0354
Guests standing admiring the HAYP board
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian


A black board served as our “Guest book” for the night, and many took on the colorful chalks to draw pictures or write messages. Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) lent us their photo printer, and our friend Rachel took pictures of guests all night so they could pin it on our board.


DSC_0295 DSC_0309



Our interactive “HAYP Board” throughout the night
Photo Credit: Kohar Minassian and Raffi Ouzounian

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