HAYP Event Week December 17-21

We have an exciting line up of events ready for you this week at HAYP Pop Up Gallery! Here’s a little info on what we have in store for you:

Dec 17 @ 6:30pm. Film Screening: “Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry”

We begin on Wednesday, December 17th with a film screening at 6:30pm of Alison Klayman’s documentary “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” (2012). Ai Weiwei is a controversial Chinese artist and activist. The documentary follows him as he prepares for a series of exhibitions and runs into an increasing number of clashes with the Chinese government.



Dec 19 @ 7:30pm. Artist Tour (Registration required)

On Friday, December 19th we have a private tour of the exhibition lead by the artists themselves. We will discuss the theme of the exhibition, and artists will give the group an insight into their background and the story behind their works. Limited spaces available. Sign up here!



Dec 21 @ 8:30pm. Closing Event: Art Talk & Live Music


Finally, we close our exhibition with a Finissage event on Sunday, December 21st. We will host an Art Talk at 8:30 where three speakers – Aramazt Kalayjian, Patricio Derkrikorian and Lesley Diaz- who will discuss their projects in progress.

Aramazt, Graphic Designer and Co-founder of Jarakite Creative Studio is also a featured artist in “Frame of Mind: Context & Perspective” on view at HAYP Pop Up Gallery. Aramazt lived, worked, and researched for one year in Ethiopia, connecting with the local music community and filming for his documentary on the history of music between Armenia and Ethiopia. He will share his project with us.

Patricio is Armenian from Argentina, and is a curator with a background in contemporary art and architecture currently working at the Naregatsi Art Institute in Yerevan. Patricio will discuss the exhibition he is currently working on and a future project that he hopes will link the vibrant artistic community in Argentina with Yerevan’s contemporary art scene.

Lesley Diaz is originally from Texas, and has been living in Yerevan for five years now. Besides teaching English and completing her PhD in Armenia, Lesley volunteers for The SCreENERY, a volunteer organization that she holds dear to her heart. She’ll tell you better herself, but in a nut shell, The SCreENERY shows movies for free in public places throughout Yerevan, particularly in the outer districts surrounding the center in order to bring the big screen to those who don’t always have access to the cinema.

Find out more about these exciting projects on Sunday at 8:30pm, followed by some live music from 9:30-11pm by instrumental duo, Tigrane Kazazian (oud) and Hagop Mazloumian (percussion). Beer and wine will be available at a reasonable price.HAYP_Event_Week


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