Amy Todman: From here to there

“From here to there” a solo exhibit by Amy Todman
Curated by Anna Gargarian
September 8-17, 2020

Artist Amy Todman takes us on a journey “From here to there” across her daily artistic practice.

Amy’s work is meditative and ephemeral. She works with text, found objects, and line as she “plays between imposed external control and trust in a process”. Her process is intuitive, yet disciplined. She is less concerned with the outcome (she calls her pieces “relics”) and more interested in what brings them to life.

Exhibited here are fragments of this process: sketches, texts, paintings, and constructions featuring lines, dots, oranges and brains. Shapes and things that fluctuate between the fleshy and the minimal.

The tension we find in her work reflects a personal tension, as she oscillates between her identities as artist and archivist, intuitive maker and structure-loving analyst.

We welcome you to this rare and weird window into a personal dialogue on ways of looking.

Anna K. Gargarian
September 2020

Artist Statement:

I live in Armenia where I work as both writer and artist. Using drawing, found objects and words, my work troubles the delicate territories of self and other, what’s around the edge, and what lies at the heart of the matter.

When I am absorbed in making I am caught up in that moment. Whether the thing that I make becomes something that is easy to transport or describe like a painting, or more difficult like a scrap of paper catching the light on the floor, a large sculpture made from wire or a tiny fabric fragment, the weight or value that I ascribe to each is the same. Within the daily structure that I provide for these works there should be no hierarchy, although this may be imposed later. The important thing in that moment is not what is made but that a work is made at all. For that moment, it is enough.

Amy Todman
September 2020

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