From Armenia with Love

“From Armenia with Love” is an exhibit that unites emerging talent from Armenia working in print, photography and graphic arts. Through this exhibit, a collaboration between HAYP/IN SITU, a nomadic art space and art agency from Armenia, and Galerie LaDöns in Hamburg, we bring together a group of independent creatives in an act of solidarity, fueled by a message for peace and charged with a consciousness for the deep injustice and violation of humanitarian rights currently happening on Armenia’s borders.

While most of the featured works are explicitly apolitical, the action of curating an exhibit in this charged moment is inevitably political. Our intention is to create a platform for freedom of expression in a time when such voices are being silenced.

The selection of artists shows a diversity of perspectives rather than a single statement. This generation of artists is the generation of the “velvet revolution”, a youth whose peaceful actions deposed a corrupt political administration in favor of progress. A generation enthused with a newfound sense of pride and identity that looks towards the future while never forgetting its historical cultural values.

The partnership with Galerie LaDöns is a continuation of an exchange between Hamburg and Armenia that began in 2018 with the Gängeviertel, the YEHH Street Art Festival (Yerevan, Armenia), and the Goethe-Centre Yerevan.

This exhibition aims to shed light on artists living and working in Armenia, their resilience, creative talent and multiplicity of perspectives.

Practical Information:

Galerie LaDöns
Valentinskamp 39
20355 Hamburg


4. November 2020, 18:00 – 21:00
Hours of Operation: Thursday – Saturday, 16:00 – 18:00

A maximum of 3 persons will be allowed in the exhibition at a time in order to respect Covid-19 safety regulations. A face mask is mandatory and guests are requested to maintain social distance.

Graphic Design by
Nooneh Khoodaverdyan


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