Mary Badalian: Chromological Disorder

A solo exhibit of art by Mary Badalian
Curated by Anna Gargarian

Since 2017, Mary has immersed herself in a practice of mixed media on canvas that combines thread, beads and paint. Her practice is both an ode to her grandmother, an avid embroiderer, as well as a “quiet rebellion” as she transforms a traditionally female, domestic craft into fine art.

Mary’s process is experimental, methodical, as well as radical. She first creates a patchwork of texture and color by meticulously embroidering thread and beads onto the canvas surface. The care and attention with which she selects and juxtaposes her colors is as surprising as her consequent act of “erasing” the color via multiple coats of paint. Only the back of the canvas, with it’s multi-colored stitches and cut thread ends, bears the trace of the kaleidoscope of embroidery below the monochrome surface.

What remains are richly textured surfaces, emphasized by the play of light emanating from her unique paint mixtures. The results are fibrous and organic constructions that seduce through their obsessive and sensual tactility.

Anna Gargarian, June 2021

About the Artist:

Mary Badalian is a contemporary visual artist currently living and working in Yerevan, Armenia. A lawyer by training, Mary’s interests span international relations, human rights and questions of ethics and integrity which she developed through internships at the Armenian Constitutional Court, Chamber of Advocates and at the UN in Armenia. In parallel to her university studies in law (Slavonic University of Armenia, 2018), Mary rediscovered her passion for art and creativity as a form of self-expression. For Mary these two paths – although distinct – are interconnected: while the law creates an environment for freedom of thought, art is the expression of that liberty in its most human form.

Event Week:

The Artworks:

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