“You either design the system or you get designed by the system”
– Steve Vasallo


How to create your personal artists brand and use social media to get where you want by being you!

This workshop seeks to guide artists in defining their personal brand, and embracing social media as a tool for shaping and communicating it with the world. Building an impactful digital strategy for your personal brand is essential for succeeding in today’s art market. Focus of this workshop is to increase your brand presence online. Create awareness and get your work discovered. Your brand is a point of view: who you are and what you have to say. Social media is an extremely effective tool for defining and sharing your brand with the world when used strategically. This workshop will address the topics: What is a brand? How to define your brand? And what are various strategies you can use on social media in order for you to achieve your personal and professional goals. The workshop will consist of a mix of presentations and hands-on practice and activities, including peer review sessions and one-on-one feedback with our leading Brand Strategist for the Arts, Cecilia Martin.


Cecilia Martin is a brand consultant, researcher and international speaker working in the cultural sector. She is a World citizen born in Spain, educated in the Netherlands and based in London. She is a risk taker by nature, with over 15 years of experience helping art and cultural organisations cross boundaries and realise new possibilities. Her aim is to connect culture with people in new ways.

Cecilia worked for many years as a Brand Strategist at Summa Barcelona. As a member of Jane Wentworth Associates, London, she helped with the development of brand strategies and identity programmes for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Garage Museum of Contemporary Culture, Wakerhurst | Kew Gardens, King’s College Cultural Institute and the V&A Museum of Childhood, among others. Cecilia also Co-founded Lava Lab, a lab for innovation that mixes strategy, design and technology that is a part of the Lava Design agency in Amsterdam. Lava Lab brought to life interactive storytelling projects such as the #GoldenAge app, developed the brand architecture and vision for the Netherland’s National Museum of World Cultures and worked on the brand strategy for the Wiener Konzerhaus and Child Helpline International. Today, she continues to be part of Lava’s creative network while working independently on her own international cultural projects from London.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • Understand why brand matters
  • Craft Your Personal Brand Persona
  • Define your purpose and what you stand for
  • Use the language and words that express who you are
  • Gain presence but be authentic
  • Use your platforms to tell your story

Why is it important?

Whether you manage it or not, the moment you’re out there you’re a brand. As social beings part of a community, perceptions exist, and you can be sure that perceptions about you also exist. Brand Strategy is about learning how to shape your public image so that it works to your advantage. It helps prevent misinterpretation, and express to the world who you are and why you do the things you do; what motivates you and what inspires you. A brand that is clear, and consistent, can help you establish credibility, attract and reach the right audiences, and grow a valuable professional and social network.


  • 2 day workshop, each session is 3 hours
  • We will be using Zoom and Mural as our workshop platforms
  • Workshop will take place online
  • Language is in English
  • Workshop will combine presentations & activities/exercises


Friday, June 26. 18:00 – 21:00

Saturday: June 27. 14:00 – 17:00

For whom is this workshop?

  • Passion & Purpose-driven artists (multi-disciplinary creatives) living and working in Armenia of all ages
  • Artists interested in learning more about how to develop their personal brand
  • Artists seeking to become social media savvy because you see it as a tool to help you gain presence and achieve professional goals
  • This workshop will be artworld focused
  • This workshop is for personal brands, not organizations

How to apply?

Workshop has limited availability, accepting applications until June 22, 2020. Accepted applicants will be informed by June 24.

Virtual Viewing Room and workshop series is made possible thanks to the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.

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