HAYP 2.0


A Collective Exhibit
April 17-27, 2015
ArmAs Showroom, Abovyan 2/5, Yerevan, Armenia

Unmapped 7, by Noumeda Carbone (2015)
Wall painting. Site-specific installation for ANKAP-ital

Անկապ (\’ən-ˈkäp\)  adj.

1) Untied, loose; disjointed. (Անկապ. 2015. In nayiri.com.)

2) Delirious, incoherent, unconnected.

Capital /kapɪt(ə)l/  n.

The city or town that functions as the seat of government and administrative centre of a country or region. (Capital. 2015. In Oxforddictionaries.com.)

This collective exhibit brings together international and local artists to take a closer look at the meaning of connectivity in contemporary society. Nowadays we’re increasingly “connected” to our devices, social networks, and the wealth of information available online, with the aim of improving communication, nurturing collaboration, heightening productivity, and increasing our public reach. Yet despite all of these efforts, sometimes it feels as though we’ve lost a meaningful sense of connection to our peers and surroundings.

In colloquial contemporary Armenian language, it seems that connectivity is a major theme: to be “in touch”, is translated to կապի մեջ (“kap-i metch”, in connection), “related” is translated to կապված (“kap-vatz”, connected) and the most beloved expression of all, “անկապ” (“an-kap”, without connection) is also the most difficult to translate. Literally it means “disconnected”, colloquially it means incoherent, out of place, and even ridiculous and delirious in certain contexts. Armenia is filled with contradictions: despite this interest for “kap”, the country is also defined by a certain lack of connectivity. On one hand you can find raw and authentic beauty in the most unexpected places, while on the other hand the lack of a cohesive, clear, and efficient infrastructure and communication system impedes development and progress. 

In this exhibit, artists are taking a closer look at the contradictions found in their contemporary environment. Some of the artists have taken inspiration from the metropolis, a place of growth and development, but also friction and at times disharmony, as seen in the works of Noumeda Carbone, RIZEK, navereY, Artak Gevorkyan, Audio Visual Circle, and Serge Navasardyan. As Street Artists, the urban environment is usually their canvas of choice, and so for this exhibit some of their works can be found inside our gallery space while others are dispersed throughout the city. 

On the second floor of HAYP Pop Up Gallery, the works take on a different tone, examining connectivity through time and tradition. The works of Ruben Malayan and Nairi Khatchadourian are contemporary interpretations of classical Armenian calligraphy, while the graphic writing of Samvel Saghatelian takes a playful formalistic approach to the contrasting forms of Latin and Armenian letters. Similarly, Lusine Kirakosyan combines the past and present in her rug stencil on the gallery steps that shows a traditional or contemporary design depending on one’s viewpoint. In the photography of Asya Yaghmurian and Florencia Babouian, the artists take a closer look at the marginalized components of contemporary culture, whether neglected historic buildings or sub-cultures in village communities, their subjects often remain disconnected from the major activities and concerns of the city center. 

Although we may not always like to acknowledge the paradoxes of our society, HAYP sees these “gap spaces” as interesting opportunities for growth- like a Pop Up gallery that transforms transient spaces through art. Ironically, although the exhibition implies disconnect, we hope to connect by bringing together: international and local artists, technology and art, and diverse media like theater, music, dance, and the visual arts through our HAYP Event Week. We invite you to explore our space and join the conversation, no matter which language you speak and where you are from, in this space we are all simultaneously կապի մեջ and անկապ.


Vahram Akimyan (Audio Visual Circle), Florencia Babouian, Noumeda Carbone, Artak Gevorkyan, Adrineh Gregorian, Nairi Khatchadourian, Shamiram Khachatryan, Lucy Kirakosyan, Asya Yaghmurian, Ruben Malayan, Serge Navasardyan, navereY, RIZEK, Samvel Saghatelian.

Event Week:
Fri April 17, 20:00 Opening Night
Sun April 19, 18:30 Innovation Talks
Mon April 20, 21:30 Movie Screening
Tues April 21, 17:00 – 21:00 Drink and Draw
Wed April 22, 17:00 Genocide Remembrance
Sat April 25, 16:00-20:00 Live Mural Painting (secret location)
Sun April 26, 20:00 24 Hour Theater Performance
Mon April 27, 18:30 Closing Night and Aerial Dancing

Event Week

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