HAYP 9.0


A Collective Exhibit
April 7-17, 2017
Northern Av. 1, 2nd fl

An exhibition on taking the time to pay attention.


Slow down. Look. Listen. Observe. In HAYP 9.0: Downshift, we’re asking artists (and our audience) to slow down their pace of life, disrupt their routine, and conceive of time in ways other than something to be contained, divided, and efficiently filled. Instead of “time management” consider unproductive time, or rather, productive delay. We’re talking about tuning into our perceptive awareness and noticing the little things of the everyday: the sound, sight, smell, and touch that frame our lives. It’s about taking the time to pay attention, to immerse ourselves in a moment. Deceleration for heightened awareness.

Curated by Anna K. Gargarian and Hasmik Badoyan


Tenny Adamian (AM), Andrei Amirov (RU), Judith Appleton , Aram Atamian (US), Nina Baghdasaryan (AM), Nareg Barseghyan (AM), Naira Bauer (AM), Loussiné Ghukasyan (AM), Aramazt Kalayjian (US), “Gorod Ustinov” (RU), HOWL (AM), Florence Low (US), Sona Manukyan (AM), Lilit Markosian (AM), Ani Manoo (AM), Mary Moon (AM), Samvel Saghatelian (AM), Anya Smolnikova (BLR), Benjamin Tomasi (IT)

Exhibition Photos:

Event Week:

Fri, April 7, 19:00: OPENING NIGHT, music by VHSound.

Sat, April 8, time TBD: Guided tour by the artists

Sun, April 9, 20:00: MOVIE SCREENING, Arabian Nights | Volume 1: The Restless One (2015)

Mon, April 10, 20:00: MOVIE SCREENING, Arabian Nights | Volume 2: The Desolate One (2015)

Tues, April 11, 20:00: MOVIE SCREENING, Arabian Nights | Volume 3: The Enchanted One (2015)

Wed, April 12 to Saturday, April 15. Each night from 19:00-20:00: WHO WILL BUILD THIS WALL? (see link for live stream) Performance by Aram Atamian.

Thur, April 13, 20:00-21:00: REELING, Dance piece by Nina Romá Agvanian and Salpi Apkarian

Sun, April 16, 20:30: SOMETHING INSIDE ME, Performance by Hasmik Tangyan

Mon, April 17, 19:30: THE FEELING OF A POSTCARD, Interactive story lab by EVN Community Theatre

Event Photos:


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