With a little help from HAYP friends…

by Charlotte Poulain

What goes into a HAYP exhibition?

Searching the whole city in search for a good location.

Calling proprietors.


Developing concepts with artists.

Moving blocks of cement around.






Sanding walls.

Painting walls.

Installing spotlights.

Sound checking.

Writing wall texts, captions, poster material.

Designing the poster.

Designing social media graphics.

Writing facebook events.

Translating everything.


As usual, HAYP preparations are quite frantic. This is particularly ironic this time around, since the theme of our upcoming exhibition is time – slowing down our pace, being more aware and in-tune with our present.

In the spirit of awareness, we couldn’t do all this without the help of our amazing Birthright volunteer, Asmik, the hero of this exhibition.


We’re also forever grateful for our amazing friends Aram, Mark, Lusine, Astghik, Zohrab, Vahan, who dedicated a few hours of their time to come help out, bringing with them smiles, good music, hot tea and wine when it’s needed (which is, honestly… always).

Thank you everyone, and see you next Friday (April 7) for the opening night!

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