Almost Human 2020


Almost Human is a multi-disciplinary project that invites a collective of talented young artists to merge their expertise in fashion, movement, and audio-visual installation through research, workshops, a residency and eventually, an exhibition-performance. By merging analogue and digital technologies, Almost Human investigates the duality of our virtual and physical selves, and the implications of a culture of “augmentation” on our sense of self.

Almost Human is a provocative production that explores the uncomfortable and pushes the limits of our imagination in order to address the timeless question: what is human?

The project began in February of 2020 with a residency in Dilijan, that invited the artist collective to participate in a week of workshops. Due to the pandemic, the Almost Human exhibition and performance were interrupted.



During the “Almost Human” Residency Program, a collective of six artists from Yerevan had the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research and produce work. The works exhibited today are the results of various discussions, workshops, and collective brainstorming around the question “what does it mean to be human?”. Through movement, sound, texture and form, the Almost Human collective explores the relationship between our inner and outer selves, both physically and psychologically.


Arash Azadi, Sound
Narek Barseghyan, Form & Sculpture
Mariam Ghalayan, Movement & Sound
Varditer Muradyan, Textile & Form
Arax Alice Sargsyan, Form & Sculpture
Siran Yeghikyan, Textile & Form

This residency was designed by HAYP Pop Up Gallery and made possible thanks to the support of MADE platform, Dilijan Community Center, the Dilijan Central School, Dilijan Fab Lab and HELLOTEX.

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