Our main activity at HAYP Pop Up Gallery is to set up contemporary art exhibitions in unused or abandoned spaces. We come up with a theme for the exhibition, meet up with artists, find a good location, and… tadaa! We open our ephemeral gallery for up to 10 days, and organize several events, from vernissage to art talks to dance performances.

In this section, you can find out about our upcoming project Lips of Pride (April 8-18, 2016), discover our other upcoming projects, and learn more about our past exhibitions.


հայերեն տեքստը տես ստորև A Collective Exhibition April 7-17, 2017 Northern Av. 1, 2nd floor (entrance from Teryan Street) Open everyday from 12pm to 9pm. “Downshift” will be HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s first exhibition of 2017 opening April 7. The exhibition follows our usual format: a ten-day exhibition with an accompanying HAYP Event Week within … Continue reading HAYP 9.0: DOWN_SHIFT

HAYP 8.0: New Illuminations

New Illuminations is a project by Suzi Banks Baum in collaboration with HAYP Pop Up Gallery. This is a multi-component project that aims to empower women, their voices and their personal embodied experiences through book making practice and storytelling. EXHIBIT DATES: Friday, November 18 – Monday, November 28. Open every day from 11am to 9pm. FREE ENTRANCE. LOCATION: … Continue reading HAYP 8.0: New Illuminations

HAYP 10.0: CETI lab

This fall, through an artists residency (August 6-13, 2017), a collective exhibition, and an event week (September 16-27, 2017) at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, HAYP Pop Up Gallery is bringing together artists and scientists to imagine communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence. HAYP 10.0: CETI Lab was inspired by the CETI conference that took place in Byurakan … Continue reading HAYP 10.0: CETI lab


MURAL INAUGURATION AT THE ICA AND EXHIBITION CURATED BY HAYP POP UP GALLERY ICA Yerevan & HAYP Pop Up Gallery present SAMVEL SAGHATELIAN August 26 – September 26, 2016 Location: Institute of Contemporary Art Yerevan 48 Fizkulturnikner St, Yerevan http://www.ica.am Opening night: Friday, November 26 at 19:00 Click here to sign up to the Facebook … Continue reading HAYP 7.0: LOVE ICA

Upcoming Projects

We’re always on the move! HAYP Pop Up Gallery is already planning for 3 exhibitions in the first half of 2016.

HAYP 6.0: Lips of Pride

The exhibition title is a play on the colloquial Armenian term for labia, ամոթաշուրթեր (amotashurter), or, “lips of shame”. The term itself embodies a disturbed vision of female sexuality, which we aim to confront. The exhibit intends to examine perceptions of femininity and notions of sexual identity as seen from women within the context of a male-centric culture.

HAYP 5.0 – Enter through the Smoke shop

“Enter Through The Smoke Shop” marks HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s fifth exhibition, our last of 2015 (more to come next year), and our first solo artist show. The exhibit features Samvel Saghatelian’s graphic work from a series called “Political and Personal Protest Signs”. The signs take a playful formalistic approach to the contrasting forms of Latin and Armenian letters. They are graphically minimalistic and conceptually complex. Their message is bold: at times erotic and other times political. Samvel aims to provoke…

HAYP 4.0 – In Motion

In October 2015, we had the crazy idea of doing an art take-over of the Yerevan-Gyumri train… and so we did! Thanks to the generous sponsoring of APAGA Technologies, HAYP Pop Up Gallery presented “IN MOTION”, an Art Installation & Performance in the Yerevan-Gyumri train, from October 29 to November 1. During those 4 days, the old-fashion train was completely transformed into an art gallery that welcomed dance, theater and other experimental art performances…

HAYP 3.0 – The Scale of Life

The depths of water have long been mysterious to man, holding the power for both creation and destruction. Armenia itself has a complex history concerning water dragons and serpents, the result of cross-fertilization among Zoroastrianism, folk epic, and Christian narratives. For HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s 3rd exhibition “The Scale of Life”, six artists reinterpreted mythological water symbols from their contemporary standpoint.


Nowadays we’re increasingly “connected” to our devices, social networks, and the wealth of information available online. Yet despite all of these efforts, sometimes it feels as though we’ve lost a meaningful sense of connection to our peers and surroundings. In HAYP’s second exhibit, artists are taking a closer look at the contradictions found in their contemporary environment.

HAYP 1.0 – Frame of Mind

Context & Perspective was our gallery’s very first exhibit, back in December 2014! In this collective exhibit, nine artists explored the relationship between context and perspective. Our worldview is shaped by our culture, upbringing, and personal experiences; each one of us has a unique perspective. The exhibit asks “what is YOUR frame of mind” and encourages dialogue, understanding, and open-mindedness through the artists’ creative looking glass.

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