Voices & Choices: The (anti)aesthetics of political posters from Switzerland and Armenia

June 30 – July 15, 2018
2 Republic Square (former Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building)
Yerevan, Armenia

“Voices & Choices – The (anti)aesthetics of political posters from Switzerland and Armenia” is an adaptation of the exhibition by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (Museum of Design Zurich), “Stimmvolk-Volksstimme”, by HAYP Pop Up Gallery.

From June 29 until July 15, HAYP Pop Up Gallery invites audiences to explore “Voices and Choices: The (anti)aesthetics of political posters from Switzerland and Armenia”, an adaptation of the exhibition by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (Museum of Design Zurich) at 2 Republic Square.

Voices and Choices features 100 Swiss political posters from the past 100 years in dialogue with Armenian political posters from Independence until today. The exhibited works are copies and loans from the Museum of Design Zurich, the Sardarapat Museum, the Yerevan History Museum, in addition to contemporary political posters of Armenia courtesy of the artists. By engaging these various Collections, we aim to examine changes in public perception, political ideology, and citizen-participation in government as seen through the artistic lens of political posters and signage.

While the posters themselves are political, the exhibition focuses on the stylistic tools used by artists and parties in order to engage audiences. The technical skill of the posters is varied, ranging from professionally designed graphic layouts to “people’s posters” born from the streets where skill is secondary to the message. This distinction is particularly poignant when examining the difference between Swiss versus Armenian posters; where the former are born within an institutional system that engages the public voice through direct democracy, and the later are motivated from a desire to change the system itself through public protest. In either case, the visual tools employed by artists aim to connect emotionally with audiences in order to urge a reaction. Whether by making references to local mythologies or histories, exaggerating images of “the enemy”, or by creating comic style narratives, “Voices and Choices” deconstructs and compares the various visual codes of posters from the past century that is telling of the power of images, and ultimately citizens, to mobilize masses and influence government.

Opening Event:

Friday, June 29 at 18:30
music by Tiezerk Band
Swiss wine and light catering will be served


This project was brought to Armenia upon the initiative of the Embassy of Switzerland to the Republic of Armenia. Voices & Choices was made possible thanks to the partnership with the Sardarapat Museum and the Yerevan History Museum. Further, this exhibition enjoys the support of Pro Helvetia, the Arts Council of Switzerland, and the sponsorship of ArmSwissBank and Zvartnots International Airports.

Exhibit Photos:

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