KIMA GYARAKYAN & @yerevantropics

Exhibition from June 7 – 30, 2019
Armenia Art Fair Preview: May 31 – June 3
Opening Event: Friday, June 7 from 18:30 (See Facebook Event here

Saryan 5 
Open Sat-Sun from 11:00 – 20:00
Mon- Fri by appointment (099 741 626/043 220 433)

About the Exhibit

In the framework of the Armenia Art Fair’s Art Week, IN SITU in collaboration with Goethe-Centre Yerevan presents an exhibit of works by Kima Gyarakyan, and a spotlight of prints by @yerevantropics (Sereg Navasardyan). The exhibition highlights the intimacy of works in print and on paper, a contrast to the artists’ typical street art interventions, while shedding light on emerging talent.

In the post-internet context, printmaking paradoxically symbolizes a return to materiality that also engages easily with digital tools – whether via design, production or image sharing. Print has become a favorite medium of street artists aiming to position themselves within the market while also maintaining the integrity of public access provided by editioning (copies), ease of transport, and global distribution. Like urban interventions, printing provides a medium in which repetition, symbolic language, and nuanced experimentation are intrinsic to the artistic practice. It is not surprising that both exhibited artists bridge urban and print formats.


Kima Gyarakyan is an emerging artist, current student at the Yerevan Fine Arts Academy, and member of the Visual Gap Gallery printing studio and street art collective. A selection of silk screened prints courtesy of Visual Gap Gallery, as well as various works on paper and canvas are displayed throughout the venue. Kima’s minimalist approach and bold, primitivist line persist across scale and media. Her irreverent, and at times blasphemous figures are both naive and daring, and can be found beyond the walls of Saryan 5 near the Children’s Railway Station, Modern Art Museum, and various other locations throughout the city of Yerevan.

As founder of Kond Gallery, Yerevan’s open air street art gallery in the Kond district, @yerevantropics’ work employs constructivist geometry empowered by a social call-to-action for urban preservation. Among his defining trademarks is the “Molotov Cocktail”, exhibited here in an abstracted patterning that playfully aestheticizes the incendiary weapon associated to rioters and resistance movements. You can follow Sereg’s various projects at the instagram handles: @yerevantropics, and @KondGallery.

IN SITU’s print program values the medium and process of print as an artistic practice experiencing a global revival and in need of development in Armenia. Essential to the program’s development and quality are a series of knowledge-sharing partnerships. IN SITU thanks our local partners Visual Gap Gallery for printing consultation, URVAKAN Festival for the venue, Goethe-Centre Yerevan for their support, and our international production partners in Moscow, Format 1 and Print Mafia.


IN SITU is a Yerevan-based art agency that flirts with the margins, challenges notions, and discovers new voices. Born from HAYP Pop Up Gallery and its legacy of experimental, dynamic and collaborative projects, IN SITU introduces new opportunities for global partnerships and artist career development. Cross cultural, cross-disciplinary, we are an intersection of ideas, practice and approaches that brings critical attention to the “in between” and explores the boundaries of thought and creative expression. Through exhibition, print, discussion, and site-specific commissions, IN SITU strives to contextualize art from Eurasia across global cultures and markets. We are home to the eccentric, the outlier, the hermit, the playful, the dreamer, the scientist and everything in between.


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