About “In Motion”

HAYP Pop Up Gallery presents In Motion, a contemporary art installation aboard the Yerevan-Gyumri train.

“In Motion” plays with the transitional state of our context: the train. A train is always between places, and the installation itself will reflect the transient state of time and place.

We are collaborating with more than 10 visual artists, designers and performers to offer a unique, interactive art experience for travelers. The exhibition will stay up for 4 days, from October 29 to November 1st, with different performances (music, theater, dance, mime…) happening every day.

In Motion: Art installation

We’re doing an art installation in ONE wagon in EACH of the THREE trains that go from Yerevan to Gyumri, and back. This means that you can see the art installation in any train you take from Yerevan to Gyumri, or Gyumri to Yerevan, from Thursday, October 29, to Sunday, November 1.

  • Wagon1: “the Nest” an origami installation by Lilit Markosian and HAYP Pop Up Gallery.
    Thousands of origami cranes in flight will be suspended from train ceiling. The installation is participatory, and encourages passengers to leave objects behind in the “nests” provided, and create and add their own origami cranes.
  • Wagon2: “218 Minutes: A Moving Snapshot” a project by Tumo Center students led by John Lee, Photographer.
    A photography installation that features works from TUMO’s summer of 2015 workshop in which students captured a 218 minute snapshot of everyday life in the food industry: from the cultivation of ingredients, to the movement of goods, and to their preparation in the kitchen.This adventure began on the train and later extended to Dilijan and Artsakh.
  • Wagon3: “The Chaos Wagon” a collective exhibit by Gyumri and Yerevan artists
    Chaos is a necessary circumstance for life. In this collective exhibit, artists from Gyumri and Yerevan each take over one booth of a train wagon, providing small interactive experiences for passengers. Some artists provide a coffee salon to engage passengers, others provide a library, while another provides alternative seating, and other create performance.

In Motion: Performances

There will be “In Motion” performances on these 4 trains:

  1. Thursday, October 29, in the train leaving Yerevan at 07:55
  2. Friday, October 30, in the train leaving Yerevan at 14:30
  3. Saturday, October 31, in the train leaving Yerevan at 07:55
  4. Sunday, November 1, in the train leaving Gyumri at 11:45

Theater, contemporary dance, acoustic guitar, accordeon, latin american folk music… For detailed program, click here.

Our goal

Our aim is to connect the Yerevan community to the Gyumri cultural scene, through art. Throughout the 4 days of our artistic train takeover, we will therefore invite the Yerevan public (art-lovers, students, tourists… and train enthusiasts) to explore the creative scene in Gyumri. Aboard the HAYP train, passengers will be provided with brochures suggesting interesting sites to visit, and cultural events to attend in Gyumri.

The opening event will take place on Thursday, October 29, in the 2:30PM train from Yerevan to Gyumri.

In Motion is made possible by the sponsorship of APAGA Technologies.

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