Join us!

At HAYP Pop Up Gallery, we’re always looking for new partnerships. Whether you want to sponsor an upcoming exhibition, submit your creative work, or join the team as a volunteer, you’re most welcome to contact us!


  • You’re an artist or a performer and want to work with HAYP Pop Up Gallery
  • You own a currently unused space that you want to revitalize for the real-estate market
  • You work for a wine, cider or liquor company and are interested to sponsor one of our exhibition opening nights
  • You’re a student looking for work experience in art curation and project management
  • You’re a volunteer with good writing skills and fresh ideas

… then write to us at

We’re a young and (hyper)active team, always open to new ideas for collaboration. We’d love to hear yours!

In the meantime, you can follow our projects on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

HAYP Pop Up Team.