Upcoming Projects

HAYP Pop Up Gallery is constantly on the move! Several projects will come to life in the coming months.



December 12-24, 2018
Location: TBD

December 12, 2018 HAYP Pop Up Gallery celebrates 4 years of pop up exhibitions, performance and more. From Yerevan, to Gyumri, (and “in motion” between the two), to Orgov, Byurakan, and Venice, HAYP has engaged a vast community of emerging and established artists. Versatile, adaptable, experimental, and nomadic, we honor four years of HAYP with one final project as the gallery closes one chapter and begins another.  Join us for a ten-day exhibition and event program that honors our past projects through a HAYP Retrospective, while also inviting new collaborations inspired by themes of impermanence, ephemerality, and the nomadic.

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