Practical info


“New Illuminations” is HAYP’s 8th project. The exhibition showcases artist books made during the “New Illuminations” workshop lead by Suzi Banks Baum, as well as artworks from artists Nairi Khatchadourian (Paris, France), Dana Walrath (NY, USA), and Marsha Odabashian (Boston, USA).


Exhibition open from Friday, November 18, to Monday, November 28.
Open every day from 11:00 to 21:00.


Friday, November 18, 7pm: Opening night!

  • What: Come for wine and live music – folk/blues improv by Bet Williams
  • Where: At HAYP Pop Up Gallery, on the corner of Shahumyan and Rustaveli Street, Gyumri (see map below)

Saturday, November 19, 4pm: “Meet Mr. Frunzik before his birth”.

  • What: Novelist Viken Berberian talks about the fictional hero in a collaborative work-in-progress titled, The Structure is Rotten, Comrade. This is a visual and humor-laced story with illustrations by Yann Kebbi spanning architecture, revolution and conservation. Follow the singular Frunzik on Twitter!
  • Where: At HAYP Pop Up Gallery, on the corner of Shahumyan and Rustaveli Street, Gyumri (see map below)

Saturday, November 19, 7pm: Dance performance by Marianna Poghosyan

  • What: dance performance by the amazing classically trained dancer Marianna Poghosyan
  • Where: At Nareg Charitable Foundation, 83 Ghorghanyan Street, Gyumri.


Shahumyan 148, Gyumri (corner of Shahumyan Street and Rustaveli Street)


OPTION 1: Our beloved train

The train leaves from the main station in Gyumri, and the Sasuntsi Davit station in Yerevan. BE CAREFUL! The train leaves right on time. We recommend coming to the platform at least 15 minutes before!

Train tickets: No need for reservation. You can buy the tickets directly on the train, or at the station. They cost 1,000 drams.

If you live outside of Yerevan/Gyumri: There are many stops between Yerevan and Gyumri. Call the train station (018) to ask them when the Yerevan-Gyumri train gets to the station nearest you.

Untitled design (5).png

OPTION 2: Mashrutka

Mashrutkas leave every few hours from the Sasuntsi David station in Yerevan. It costs 2,500 AMD, and takes about 2 hours.

OPTION 3: Share a ride!

A taxi ride from Yerevan to Gyumri should cost about 15,000AMD. If you find tree art-lovers to share a ride with you, you’ll be able to reach Gyumri for less than 4,000AMD.

If you’d still rather pay less, plan to go alone, or want an environmentally-friendly option, the armenian tech world will come to your aid! Hop on the Armenian car-pooling website Share4car or download their app, and find someone to drive you to Gyumri.


If you want to stay overnight in Gyumri, we recommend staying at Villa Kars or at Berlin Art Hotel for unique creative experiences. Another great option is KASA Foundation youth hostel – it’s in the same street as our gallery!

  • Berlin Art Hotel | 0312 57659
  • Villa Kars | 0105 61156
  • Kasa Youth Hostel | 093 67 11 60 | 077301262