HAYP 3.0 – The Scale of Life

A Collective Exhibit

August 28 – September 7, 2015

“The Scale of Life” was HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s third exhibit. The title, “The Scale of Life”, is a play on words referencing both the fish’s outer skin, or scales, as well as the magnitude and diversity of life. The “Vishap”, or water dragon, was the symbol of fertility and creation in pagan Armenia. In this exhibit, visual and performance artists reinterpret in their own contemporary way this mythological water creature.

Artists: Melissa Finkenbiner, LUSKA, Félix Romanos, Mushegh Mkhitaryan, Avetis Vardanyan, Hrachya Vardanyan.

Sponsors & Partners: Yerevan Residence, El Life Style, KARAS Wines, The ScREenery, Arloopa.

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Event Week:

Fri, 28/8 OPENING NIGHT: Art, Food, & Music at HAYP: A full experience of the senses

  • DZOOK Pop Up Restaurant Premiere: A three course tasting of fish dishes paired with an assortment of local wines courtesy of KARAS
  • Performance by Joseph Zakarian (DJ & Projection)

Sun, 30/8 FILM SCREENING by The ScREenery

Wed, 2/9 TALK (Archeology & Pagan Armenia) by Armen Martirosian

Fri, 4/9 Theater Performance by Aram Atamian

Mon, 7/9 Dance Performance by BA-AR-DIA

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About “The Scale of Life”

The depths of water have long been mysterious to man, holding the power for both creation and destruction. During the Kingdom of Urartu (9th c. B.C.), this phenomenon was embodied through Tesheiba, the Urartean god of tempests who defeated the mythical water creature, Vishap. Tesheiba became Vahagn in Armenian folklore, an epic hero who slayed the dragons of Lake Van and cast them into the sun to burn. Read more…