12-12-12: CALL TO ARTISTS!


Հայերենի համար, նայեք այստեղ:


December 12, 2018 HAYP Pop Up Gallery celebrates 4 years of pop up exhibitions, performance and more with one final project as the gallery closes one chapter and begins another.  Join us for a twelve-day exhibition and event program that honors our past projects through a HAYP Retrospective, and invites new collaborations through the newly commissioned work at Funduk Week and a collective brainstorming session at our Theatre of Ideas.

Join us for a twelve-day exhibition and event program that includes:

  1. HAYP RETROSPECTIVE: A selection of past projects, artworks, and performances exhibited at HAYP 12-12-12. The exhibition will also feature interviews and reflections by HAYP curators, and contributors.
  2. FUNDUK: New collaborations inspired by the framework of the caravanserai and its urban counterpart, “Funduk”. FUNDUK WEEK will include a program of performance, happenings, workshops, and events at the gallery.
  3. THEATRE OF IDEAS: An open studio and central meeting point for collective co-designing of our future creative space. 

Curatorial Framework:


The typical structure of the Asian caravanserai, where social interaction happens at the center.

The Caravanserai (karəˈvansəri, from 16th c. Persian)

An inn with a central courtyard for travellers in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa;
A group of people travelling together; a caravan.

Funduk (/fun.duq/, from 500-1500 C.E. Arabic)

  1. Offered foreign merchants lodging and shelter within great merchant cities (particularly Hanse merchants).
  2. The urban equivalent to the caravanserai.

The caravanserai was a structure for travelers along the Silk Road. It provided shelter and refuge, but was also a place for exchange. Stories were shared, goods were traded; the caravanserai was the temporary home for nomads. For HAYP Pop Up Gallery’s 12-12-12 project, we imagine a metaphoric caravanserai. An urban refuge, or Funduk, where ideas are at center stage and social encounters are our currency. We also draw parallels to the artist’s studio: a space of sheltering, reflection, production, and distribution. Like the caravanserai, the artist’s studio is where the private and public interact. Our space will be an “open studio”, for production, idea-making, performance and more. As we honor past HAYP Pop Up Gallery projects, our goal is not to reconstruct the past, but rather to provide a new experience that embodies past values: those of communication, site-specific production, orchestrated encounters, rootlessness, collaboration, and free ideas.


We welcome all types of projects: visual art, installation, performance, happenings, architectural constructions… other? Let’s brainstorm!


  • A brief description of your idea and what you need to make it happen
  • A sketch/images to illustrate your idea
  • Your name and contact so we can meet and discuss
  • An artist statement/portfolio/link if you have it

Send to: info.hayp@gmail.com

Application Deadline: November 20, 2018 (we know… so soon! Let’s get to work!!)

What we offer:

  • Space
  • Curatorial support/guidance
  • Documentation (we will photograph & video all projects)
  • Basic production cost reimbursement (to-be discussed in person)
  • Organizational framework: Program, Marketing/Communications, basic infrastructure (depending on our space!)