In 2019, HAYP Pop Up Gallery is transitioning into a new format that operates both as a pop up gallery (HAYP), and as an art agency with a wider scope of activities (IN SITU). Check this page frequently for updates on upcoming events and news. 


May 3-5, URVAKAN Festival



URVAKAN is an international festival of contemporary culture. The word ‘Urvakan’ in Armenian means ghost, phantom, or spirit. The inspiration behind the name lies in the festival organizers’ interest in revitalizing the country’s abandoned and deserted sites. URVAKAN festival’s music program features ongoing projects by more than 80 artists from 22 countries, highlighting current trends in sonic arts, contemporary electronic, instrumental, avant pop, and club music.

The festival’s program has been carefully hand-picked by the talented people behind Synthposium, Klammklang, HAYP Pop Up Gallery, Mirzoyan Library, Rabitza, Radio Morpheus, Kond Gallery, Richterfest, and other established independent cultural initiatives.

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ART week- Panel


Portfolio Tutorial – Artist Critique – Panel Discussion
A project by IN SITU in collaboration with the GOETHE Institute for the Armenia Art Fair’s Art Week

IN SITU, an art agency centered around developing artists’ careers and the latest development from HAYP Pop Up Gallery, invites artists for a full day of expert council, feedback and discussion on how to position yourself within the art market. Artists will learn about how to build your portfolio in a tutorial by Irina Popiashvili, founder of Tbilisi’s Kunsthalle and Dean at the Visual Art, Architecture and Design School (VAADS) at the Free University of Tbilisi. The Portfolio Building presentation will be followed by a spit-fire round of one-on-one Portfolio Critiques by both Irina, and internationally renowned conceptual artist and professor at Munich’s Art Academy as well mentor of the BPA // Berlin program for artists, Olaf Nicolai. Following the Portfolio Critique session, there will be a panel discussion moderated by Anna Gargarian, Founder & Director at HAYP/IN SITU, in conversation with Olaf Nicolai and Irina Popiashvili. The panel will address the current state of the Market, its changing players, and the challenges and strategies for contextualizing new localities within the global market.

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